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What is mediation?

Mediation is a confidential process, facilitated by a neutral mediator, to help parties reach a mutually acceptable resolution. The parties control the outcome so the process respects their individual needs and interests.

The advantages of mediation are:

  • Communication between the parties is managed by the mediator. In many cases it is more effective for parties not to come face-to-face during a mediation, to keep the conflict and stress levels of the parties low;

  • The environment is controlled by the mediator to encourage the right conditions for respectful negotiation;

  • The mediator will assist parties to identify their needs and interests and use problem-solving techniques to find common ground, solutions and agreements.

  • Unlike the court process, a mediator does not impose decisions on parties where they cannot agree. If parties do not agree, the mediation will end without a resolution. This gives the parties confidence that they have complete control over the outcome of a mediation.

  • Issues can be confidentially raised and ventilated. Anything that is discussed in mediation cannot be used outside the mediation, for example in future court proceedings. Some exceptions apply.

Family Dispute Resolution

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  • Parenting Plans;

  • Consent Orders;

  • Section 60I certificates.

Parenting and Children’s matters

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  • Parenting Plans;

  • Consent Orders.

Financial and Property matters

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  • Property settlement agreements;

  • Consent Orders;

  • Spousal maintenance;

  • Child support.


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